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New high tech stock exchange in Germany
Why we should keep the discussion alive

Many founders and investors were surprised when the FDP and with it the German Economics Minister Dr. Philipp Rösler on 22 September finally rejected from German Government. Although he was the subject of controversial discussion on the one hand, many industry experts hopefully looked at his impetus for the start-up scene in Germany on the other. However, regardless of this event, the start-up scene in Germany should maintain the launched debate about the so-called new “New market". Read On >>


Coalition for a German IT Location?

The coalition talks in Berlin running now for several months. CDU and SPD in Berlin wrestle about important cornerstones of a possible government. Family, finance, health. But also the importance of the start-up ecosystem Germany is now in focus and becomes increasingly important. A own secretary of state, a venture capital act, a new high-technology stock exchange in Germany? These are decisive days in Berlin to improve the conditions for the IT location Germany, to attract new investors and thus to optimize the environment for founders. Read On >>


Investing in German Startups

Crowd investment, crowd funding, venture capital, as business angel or with a new high-tech stock exchange in Germany?How can private investors and savers actually invest in startups "Made in Germany "?Many people are interested now, reading daily news about German startups success stories, but do not know how they can participate. Read On >>